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Last Week in AI #30

ML for biomechanics, data protection of minorities, Evolution Strategies and more!

Last Week in AI #30

Image credit: Bill Briggs / Microsoft News

Mini Briefs

How machine learning is unlocking the secrets of human movement – and reshaping pro sports

A behind-the-scenes look at the Peak Performance Project (P3), which uses Microsoft Azure powered Machine Learning and special cameras to collect biomechanical data from elite athletes.

Launched in 2006, P3 is the first facility to apply a data-driven approach to understanding how elite competitors move. It uses advanced sports-science strategies to assess and train athletes in ways that will revolutionize pro sports – and, eventually, the bodies and abilities of weekend warriors.

The insights drawn by the lab can be used to identify hidden performance metrics that can predict long term performance. Additionally, the insights can also help athletes avoid injuries by adopting new training techniques better suited to their movement patterns.

An AI-Run World Needs to Better Reflect People of Color

Angela Benton, CEO of Streamlytics makes the case for protecting minority data. As we at Skynet Today have previously written about incomplete AI training data affecting people of colour, Angela argues that this data must be protected.

The AI that’s being developed today will serve as the baseline for how AI will be built in the future. Data ownership is essential. It’s not just our human right today, but also the key to our future rights. When we neither own their data nor have a say in how it’s used, we leave these decisions in the hands of a select few.

Advances & Business

Concerns & Hype

Analysis & Policy

Expert Opinions & Discussion within the field


  • Evolution Strategies - An introduction to Evolution Strategies (ES) which work well in the cases where we don’t know the precise analytic form of an objective function or cannot compute the gradients directly.

  • AI-first biology - A post that explains biology’s AI moment, i.e., many areas of biology, and in particular, imaging, are being significantly transformed by the use of AI.

  • How I’m using AI to write my next novel - This writer explains how she harnessed the power of Open AI’s GPT-2 system as a cognitive crutch to get over writer’s block.

  • Five Fifty: Tech for the greater good - Can advanced technologies such as AI improve the well-being of humans? Only if we more carefully manage its deployment and its effects on human labor.

  • How To Make Custom AI-Generated Text With GPT-2 - An explainer and guide to using gpt-2-simple, a Python package that allows you to finetune GPT-2 on your own dataset.

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