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Last Week in AI #27

Analysis of Deepmind's losses, alternatives to facial recognition tracking and more!

Last Week in AI #27

Image credit: Nathan Hayflick / Scale

Mini Briefs

DeepMind’s Losses and the Future of Artificial Intelligence

It’s not fresh news that Deepmind had an expensive 2018. Gary Marcus, in an Opinion piece for the Wired, looks at what it means, for Deepmind and AI in general.

He looks at three central questions:

Is DeepMind on the right track scientifically? Are investments of this magnitude sound from Alphabet’s perspective? And how will the losses affect AI in general?

It’s 2043. We Need a New American Dream for the A.I. Revolution.

The NY times is running an Op-Eds from the future series. This week, they had Baobao Zhang from the University of Oxford pen an Op-Ed from the 2040s about how AI has changed the American dream and what policy changes can be made to renew the American dream.

The A.I. Revolution should be an age of plenty for all, not a Gilded Age with no end in sight.

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  • Is Elon Wrong About LiDAR? - Elon Musk recently made headlines when he took a high-profile swipe at LiDAR technology, predicting that “anyone relying on LiDAR is doomed”. Scale has a suite of data labeling products built for AV developers, which they used to put the two self-driving philosophies to the test.

  • How Do Algorithms Become Biased? - What can a mistake in a computer program from 1843 tell us about modern-day biases in software algorithms?

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