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Last Week in AI #24

Raising money to build AGI, AI in airports, AI powered code completion and more!

Last Week in AI #24

Image credit: James Vincent / The Verge


To Compete With Google, OpenAI Seeks Investors–and Profits

OpenAI LP raised $1B from Microsoft. OpenAI, the non-profit (which is different, from OpenAI LP, the company used to raise the funds), was initially founded to ensure that development of AI technologies did not take place only in large tech companies.

OpenAI LP was established in such a way that it has a fiduciary responsibility to uphold the nonprofit’s charter, which pledges to “use any influence we obtain over AGI’s deployment to ensure it is used for the benefit of all.”

Holders of stakes in OpenAI LP will be limited to a return of 100 times what they put in, with any excess going back to the nonprofit OpenAI to sustain its mission.

Recent developments at OpenAI have led many within the field to question the organization is hoping to achieve.

The Amazing Ways Dubai Airport Uses Artificial Intelligence

A nice roundup of the different ways AI technologies are used in one of the busiest airports in the world. The article enumerates the various ways AI tech can be applied in airports today.

The Emirates Ministry of the Interior said that by 2020, immigration officers would no longer be needed in the UAE. They will be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Advances & Business

Analysis & Policy

  • AI ‘emotion recognition’ can’t be trusted - As artificial intelligence is used to make more decisions about our lives, engineers have sought out ways to make it more emotionally intelligent. That means automating some of the emotional tasks that come naturally to humans — most notably, looking at a person’s face and knowing how they feel.

  • Humans, robot teams work better when there’s an emotional connection - Soldiers develop attachments to the robots that help them diffuse bombs in the field. Despite numerous warnings about privacy, millions of us trust smart speakers like Alexa to listen into our daily lives.

Expert Opinions & Discussion within the field


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