Skynet Today is seeking collaborators and editorial submissions! AI misinformation, overhyping, and doomsaying are more rampant than ever and our small team could sure benefit from a few more excited and knowledgeable collaborators and contributors.


First, let’s explain that ‘collaborators’ bit. It is typical for publications to have a ‘Call for Submissions’, but as this is basically a non-monetized open source project (we collaborate over GitHub and Slack and are entirely remote and flexible) our need is a bit different. That is, we are seeking to help grow the core team of more involved collaborators like any open source project does: asking for people in the community to join if interested.

Why the need for a larger core team? Since this site’s mission is to cover the latest AI hype and panic, it needs to continuously cover recent media stories about AI. We hope to accomplish this by having a small group of dedicated people who can commit to continuously writing such news coverage. The format and length of the current coverage is specifically tailored to making this a reasonable task for people to do in their free time, but it is still a non-trivial commitment.


Now, the ‘submissions’ bit. In addition to news coverage, Skynet Today also does more varied long-form coverage. Rather than just providing an informed and accessible perspective on a particular recent AI-related news story, these editorials can cover larger trends, summarize the current state of something related to AI, or be any longer form writing on the subject. The unifying theme will still be “accessible and informed coverage of AI hype and panic”, though with less emphasis on just hype and panic.

How To Get In Touch

If you want to contribute to this site as either a collaborator or with a submission, reach out via our email. Tell us a bit about your background and how you would like to contribute to Skynet Today, and we’ll take it from there! Or, simply fill out this form:

We love hearing from you! Feel free to provide feedback, suggest coverage, or express interest in helping. Or, comment below!
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