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Last Week in AI #82

AI for lowering wildfire risk, international clinical AI standards, and more!

Last Week in AI #82

Image credit: David G. McIntyre / Zuma Press via WSJ

Mini Briefs

California Utilities Hope Drones, AI Will Lower Risk of Future Wildfires

California’s latest wildfire season has brought about no dearth of apocalyptic photos, showcasing the orange world beyond residents’ doors. As California copes and fires spur evacuation orders in multiple west coast states, PG&E Corp. and other major utility companies are investigating how AI might help. In particular, they are deploying drones and using computer vision to spot potential equipment issues to mitigate the risk of damaged gear starting fires. While AI and drones are not being used to manage or combat the current fires, the utilities say these technologies do help with the regular monitoring of their systems.

AI standards launched to help tackle problem of overhyped studies

Overhyped AI studies risk not only misleading the public, but also actively harming people affected by the use of less-than-stellar AI systems. AI boasts the potential to revolutionize areas such as healthcare, but researchers have warned that there is an abundance of poor-quality research. Now, a new set of standards crafted by an international team of experts is being published in the BMJ, Nature Medicine, and Lancet Digital Health. The new standards provide a framework for designing, delivering, and reporting clinical trials in AI. Standardization for testing conditions and reporting, along with stringent criteria, will help ensure that AI systems are safe and effective for use in healthcare settings.


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