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Google Sidelines Engineer Who Claims Its A.I. Is Sentient

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Reddit Bans ‘SFW’ Deepfake Community

Microsoft Teams now uses AI to improve echo, interruptions, and acoustics


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AI finds hidden evidence of ancient human fires 1 million years ago - “An artificial intelligence tool has revealed hidden evidence of ancient fire at a 1-million-year-old archaeological site in Israel.”

Artificial intelligence may be the only way researchers can solve the perplexing puzzle of Long COVID. It’s already categorizing patients and even identifying them - “Increasingly, researchers are turning to artificial intelligence to help them sort through the electronic medical records of millions of Long COVID patients in hopes of better understanding the enigmatic condition with hundreds of potential symptoms.”

Harnessing machine learning to analyze quantum material - “Electrons and their behavior pose fascinating questions for quantum physicists, and recent innovations in sources, instruments and facilities allow researchers to potentially access even more of the information encoded in quantum materials.”

444 Authors From 132 Institutions Release BIG-bench: A 204-Task ‘Extremely Difficult and Diverse’ Benchmark for Large Language Models - “Powered by their ever-increasing scale, today’s large language models have shown breakthrough capabilities beyond natural language processing (NLP), in areas such as writing computer code, diagnosing medical conditions and playing competitive games.”

Scientists turn to machine learning to quantitatively analyze surface superstructure information of thin semiconductor surfaces - “The semiconductor industry has been growing steadily ever since its first steps in the mid-twentieth century and, thanks to the high-speed information and communication technologies it enabled, it has given way to the rapid digitalization of society.”

NVIDIA & UW Introduce Factory: A Set of Physics Simulation Methods and Learning Tools for Contact-Rich Robotic Assembly - “When we think of modern industrial assembly lines, we can imagine a tireless ensemble of task-specific robots efficiently cutting, stamping, connecting, inserting, tightening or soldering whatever product the factory is manufacturing.”


China launched the world’s first AI-operated ‘mother ship,’ an unmanned carrier capable of launching dozens of drones - “China has launched the world’s first crewless drone carrier that uses artificial intelligence to navigate autonomously in open water. Beijing has officially described it as a maritime research tool, but some experts have said the ship has the potential to be used as a military vessel.”

How AI Could Help Predict—and Avoid—Sports Injuries, Boost Performance - “Computer vision, the technology behind facial recognition, will change the game in real-time analysis of athletes and sharpen training prescriptions, analytics experts say Resume Subscription”

This AI model tries to re-create the mind of Ruth Bader Ginsburg - “The model, called Ask Ruth Bader Ginsburg, is based on 27 years of Ginsburg’s legal writings on the Supreme Court.”

Microsoft and Meta join Google in using AI to help run their data centers - “Data centers, which drive the apps, websites, and services that billions of people use every day, can be hazardous places for the workers that build and maintain them. Workers sometimes have to service a data center’s electrical equipment while it’s being energized.”


Google Brain alum to helm new nonprofit AI research lab - “Dedicated to contributing open-source, fundamental ML research, the lab will focus on solving complex ML challenges around efficiency and compute.”

Machine learning-led decarbonisation platform Ecolibrium launches in the UK - “LONDON, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Machine learning-led decarbonisation platform Ecolibrium has today launched its revolutionary sustainability solution in the UK, as the race to reduce carbon emissions accelerates across the built environment.”

World’s first raspberry picking robot cracks the toughest nut: soft fruit - “The next raspberries you eat might have been picked by a Kraken-like four-armed robot, rather than a human. Fruit harvested by what is believed to be the world’s first raspberry-picking robot in commercial operation is now on sale in British supermarkets.”

AI maturity: Only 12% of companies are ‘AI Achievers’ - “Only 12% of companies are AI Achievers. According to Accenture, in 2021, among executives of the world’s 2,000 largest companies (by market capitalization), those who discussed AI on their earnings calls were 40% more likely to see their firms’ share prices increase – up from 23% in 2018.”

AI startup Cohere launches a nonprofit research lab - “Cohere, a startup creating large language models to rival those from OpenAI, today announced the launch of a nonprofit research lab: Cohere For AI.”

AI-powered parking platform Metropolis bags $167M - “Metropolis, a startup building payment infrastructure for parking facilities, today announced that it raised $167 million in a Series B round co-led by 3L Capital and Assembly Ventures with participation from Dragoneer, Eldridge Industries, Silver Lake Waterman, UP Partners, and former deputy mayor”

Artificial intelligence projects grew tenfold over past year, survey says - “We know artificial intelligence has been riding the crest of the hype wave, but we don’t hear enough about the problems and headaches it brings with it. A new survey estimates the number of complete or nearly complete AI projects has grown tenfold over the past 12 months.”

Grubhub rolling out delivery robots at Ohio State - “This fall, students at Ohio State University can get robot-based food delivery as part of the meal plan.”

Tabnine raises $15.5 million for AI assistant for developers - “Tabnine, which develops an AI-powered assistant for developers, announced on Wednesday that it has raised an additional $15.”

Reddit is buying machine learning platform Spell - “Reddit announced Thursday that it would buy Spell, a platform for running machine learning experiments, for an undisclosed amount.”

Enterprise Conversational AI Startup Invoca Raises $83M - “Conversation analytics startup Invoca has raised $83 million in a Series F equity financing round led by Silver Lake Waterman. The new capital brings the company’s valuation to $1.1 billion for its AI-powered contact center call analysis, agent coaching, and automated quality assurance.”


Drivers using Tesla Autopilot were involved in hundreds of crashes in just 10 months - “Vehicles using Tesla’s Autopilot software were involved in 273 crashes over roughly the last year, according to a report released Wednesday by the US road-safety regulator.”

NHTSA data backs up Tesla’s own Autopilot safety reports - “Today the NHTSA released a preliminary report on accidents involving Advanced Driver Assistance Systems in the United States.”

Tesla Autopilot and Other Driver-Assist Systems Linked to Hundreds of Crashes - “The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released data on 10 months of crashes involving cars with automated components. A few were fatal.”

Google AI Fracas Shows How The Modern Ad-Based Press Tends To Devalue The Truth - “The Washington Post dropped what it pretended was a bit of a bombshell.”

AI Ethics Are In Danger. Funding Independent Research Could Help - “Across industries, a turn to artificial intelligence (AI) has become ubiquitous, if not completely hegemonic. It’s not just Meta, Google, Apple, and Amazon—nearly every large company has pivoted to AI.”

How hackers use AI and machine learning to target enterprises - “Attackers can use machine learning in several ways. The first – and simplest – is by building their own machine learning environments and modeling their own malware and attack practices to determine the types of events and behaviors looked for by defenders.”

AI and Warfare - “What’s this about: The Russian invasion of Ukraine has propelled war onto our screens and front page once again, making it an unwelcome but current topic of conversation and undesirable attention. But how is AI affecting war?”


Is AI the future of art? - “Sofia Crespo is part of the ‘generative art’ movement, in which humans create rules for computers which then use algorithms to generate new forms, ideas and patterns.”

What AI Can Tell Us About Intelligence - “If there is one constant in the field of artificial intelligence it is exaggeration: there is always breathless hype and scornful naysaying. It is helpful to occasionally take stock of where we stand.”

Self-Driving Big Rigs Are Coming. Is America Ready? - “Autonomous trucks that mostly stick to highways could make sense, both technologically and economically, in ways robotaxis have not. The goal is better-than-human, but not perfect, autonomous driving; jobs are probably on the line.”


What FDA’s New Machine Learning Guiding Principles Really Mean - “Machine Learning has been an ongoing focus of FDA activity for some time. The first Industry Discussion Paper on the topic was launched back in 2019, followed by an Action Plan in 2021 aimed at offering guidance on the topic.”

FTC recommends Congress use ‘great caution’ in promoting AI to address online harm - “The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recommended Congress proceed with caution in promoting artificial intelligence (AI) tools to combat online harm in a report the commissioners voted to publish Thursday.  The report concluded that “great caution is needed in either mandating the use of or over relying on these tools even for the important purpose of…”

Privacy bill sets out rules on use of personal data, artificial intelligence - “The federal Liberals introduced privacy legislation Thursday to give Canadians more control over their personal data, impose fines on non-compliant digital platforms and introduce new rules for the use of artificial intelligence.”

EU To Target Meta, Google, Twitter Over Deepfakes, Report Says - “The European Commission is expected to target Facebook parent Meta, Google, Twitter, Microsoft and Twitter on Thursday with new measures to tackle deepfakes, fake news and fake accounts or face hefty fines, according to reports from Reuters and Financial Times.”


AI Shakespeare and AI Oscar Wilde Debate Machine Creativity at Oxford - “If that reads a little like Shakespeare defending humans’ innate superiority over artificial intelligence hundreds of years ahead of his time, it’s not. But it is something almost as far out: an AI system trained to express itself like the bard.”

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